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Emoji Keyboard Setup for Mac


1.  Check that your Mac OS X version of El Capitan is 10.11.1 or higher by following the screenshots below. Update your Mac if it is not before proceeding.

2.  Download the EmojiWorks Emoji Keyboard software installer for Mac below by clicking the brown box icon and following instructions to get the software.

3.  Go to your Downloads folder in Finder and right (secondary) click or press Control + click to open the installer.

4.  Confirm you want to Open.

 5.  Continue in the installer.

6.  After installing you will need to Log Out of your Mac and Log In again to finish the install.

 7.  Log In to your Mac. Then open System Preferences -> Keyboard preferences.

8.  Look under the Input Sources tab and click the + (plus) button in the bottom left to add a new input.

9.  Look under English and Add the EmojiWorks US input source.

10.  Ensure “Show Input menu in menu bar” is checked, then in the menu bar up top, click the flag  and select EmojiWorks US. It will have a check mark next to it when activated and the laughing emoji ? will appear instead of the flag in your menu bar.

11.  Great! Now we need to pair your Bluetooth Emoji Keyboard. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on for your Mac then go to System Preferences -> Keyboard and click “Set Up Bluetooth Keyboard” at bottom.
12.  On the back of your Emoji Keyboard, slide the white power switch to On and a blue light will shine briefly on the keyboard. To pair your keyboard to your computer for the first time, press and hold the black Connect button for a couple seconds until you see the blue light flashing. Then release it.
13. Your Emoji Keyboard will flash blue while trying to find your Mac to pair. If your Emoji Keyboard does not get found after 30 seconds or so, try moving your keyboard closer to your computer, switch the keyboard Off and back On and try to Connect again.

14.  Next enter the passkey on your Emoji Keyboard to complete the pairing.

15.  Verify your menu bar has both Emoji Keyboard bolded under the Bluetooth menu and the laughing emoji ? is showing for your input.

16.  Now your Emoji Keyboard should be set up! Here’s how to use it on your Mac!
  • Emoji Keyboard (base model):
    • press Emoji + key with the emoji you want to type
  • Emoji Keyboard Pro – each key can have up to 3 emojis so here’s how to type each:
    • bottom right emoji: press Emoji + key
    • top right emoji: press Emoji + Shift + key
    • bottom left emoji: press Emoji + Control + key


17.  Open your favorite emoji supported app and start typing emoji! Great job!