Emoji Keyboard For Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

An emoji keyboard is a must have for a social person. Be it working on Facebook or sending out regular tweets— emojis are the need of the hour. While twitter emojis help businesses and users with their conversations— Facebook emojis are fun to use. This is where having a virtual keyboard can come in handy.

What is an Emoji Keyboard?

Emoji keyboards are highly functional virtual keyboards which come with a host of exciting emojis to work with. In the simplest of term, emojis are literally everywhere— starting from smartphones to social interfaces. However, emoji aficionados often find it difficult to get hold of the perfect entity for amplifying their conversations. This is where an Emoji keyboard can come in handy.

In addition to all that, physical emoji keyboards are also available online with symbols assigned to each keyboard character. These keyboards come in handy for all those who prefer doing away with chrome extensions.

Apart from that, most smartphones offer the flexibility of including emojis with conversations. While some might consider the same as the amplification of mobile technology, we would tag the same as an innovation led by necessity. In the subsequent sections, we will be talking about emoji keyboard and how to use the same on Windows, Mac gadgets, Android smartphones and even iPhones.

We would also be understanding how users can avail emoji keyboards online and how our website can help them with their search.

How to Use Emoji Keyboard on Windows?

Using emoji keyboard on a Windows powered machine is easier than ever. Just follow the mentioned steps and you are good to go:

  1. Activate the Touch keyboard options which is available at the lower-right end of taskbar.
  2. Click underneath the same and select the ‘Smiley’ option.
  3. Clicking on the same reveals the list of available emojis which can then be scrolled for.
  4. For an expansive list, click categories from the existing selections.

emoji keyboard

Apart from this manual hack, emoji keyboard can also be used as a Google Chrome or Mozilla extension for Windows and Mac computers. This feature allows us to integrate an emoji keyboard with the web browser.

  1. Select the perfect add-on for the browser, preferably the emoji keyboard which offers an extensive list of options.
  2. Installing the same copies the emoji automatically to the clipboard and even to the text field.

emoji virtual keyboard

  1. The existing add-on works perfectly with the extension and one can readily get the meaning of emoji by just hovering onto the desired one.

How to Use Emoji Keyboard on Mac?

For every Mac user, an emoji keyboard can be invoked upon using simple set of commands. Here is a detailed approach for the same:

  • Open any text file, access the existing field and press the following set of keys together: Command  +Control+ Space Bar.
  • This readily opens an input panel comprising of the extensive set of emojis.

macbook emoji keyboard

  • Categories are listed at the bottom of the panel and this is where you can find the perfect emoji for the occasion.
  • One expert tip would be to hold on to a certain emoji for an extensive period of time which then reveals different skin and hair tones.

How to Use Emoji Keyboard on Android?

Here is a step pronged approach towards using emoji keyboard on an Android powered device.

  1. Open Settings from the menu.
  2. Select ‘Language and Menu’.
  3. Select either of two options, Google Keyboard or Android Keyboard.
  4. Click Settings and then scroll down to personal dictionary.
  5. Tap on the ‘Plus’ sign to add the new shortcut

How to Use Emoji Keyboard on iPhone?

iPhone users are extensively opting for emoji keyboards, just to make the conversations spicier than ever.

  • Head over to Settings.
  • Select General and tap down to the Keyboard option.
  • Select ‘Add New Keyboard’ option and scroll down to add the emoji based one.

How to Find the Perfect Emoji Keyboard?

emoji keyboard

If you are looking for the perfect emoji keyboard, it is advisable to head over to Emoji works. Our website offers an extensive collection of virtual and physical options for the users to incorporate in their daily lives.

We offer an expansive set of emoji keyboards, which can be specially used for adding Facebook and even Twitter emojis. In addition to that, the virtual keyboards can be perfectly used for understanding the meaning of certain snapchat emojis.  

Bottom Line

Emoji keyboards are great additions to one’s repertoire solely for the entertainment and utility offered by the same. For selecting the best possible emoji keyboard, customers can head over to our website and start making purchases. They can also read into the reasons for the popularity of Facebook emojis and make their choices accordingly.

A physical emoji keyboard is fun to use and extremely easy to carry around— courtesy the portability on offer.

Snapchat Emojis: Here is Everything You Need to Know

Snapchat emojis hold a special significance in the life of enthusiasts. Many users must have noticed that unlike Facebook emojis which are added optionally, Snapchat emojis usually appear besides every snap which friends sent or receive. These come in the form of small emoji icons and in this post, we will be explaining what they mean and how one can customize the usage— based on preferences.

What Are Snapchat Friend Emojis?

Snapchat emojis are the precursors of user’s messaging habits. This includes both groups and individual snaps. Whenever a user messages frequently, the Snapchat algorithm assigns a specific emoji to the same. This emoji easily represents the exiting levels of user interaction.

Depending upon the messaging frequency, the emoji might get modified or even removed if the snaps stop flowing in either directions.

In this post, we will be talking about the meaning associated with Snapchat friend emojis as understanding the same will help users decode the convoluted world of Snapchat:

  1. Red heart- This emoji shows up if two users keep interacting for two weeks at a stretch. The existing symbol standard for the ‘BFF’ status.
  2. Two Pink Hearts- This symbol actually stands for the position of best friend on Snapchat for an extensive period of at least two months.
  3. Yellow Heart- This emoji might not have a great timeframe associated with it but it still shows up if a user has started interacting frequently with someone on snapchat.
  4. Smiling Face, Smiling Eyes- This actually shows another great bond friendship between two users but doesn’t stand for the best friend tag.
  5. Grimacing Face- The smiley showing teeth besides a friend’s profile means that you both share the number one position when it comes to being friends with each other.
  6. Sunglass Face- This smiley, if seen on any username— means that your number one friend is also at the same positon for that user.
  7. Fire- Having a fire emoji on your profile and a flame on somebody else’s stands for Snap streak. This means you and that user are snapping each other pretty extensively for the past days and sticking longer with the same reveals great number of snapstreaks for the same.
  8. Baby- Baby emoji besides a username showcases that the new friend is only added a while back and is still pretty new to the world of Snapchat.
  9. Sparkles- If you are a part of a group, sparkles are visible right next to every member— helping you determine the buddies.

How to Customize Snapchat Emojis?

While we have mentioned what each snapchat emoji— right next to a username means, these are default settings and can be changed by following certain steps:

  • Head over to the camera app and pull down the existing ghost icon which showcases the base of snapchat.
  • Pull down the profile tab and access the settings.
  • Reveal Manage Preferences and Click on Additional Services

snapchat emojis

  • Select Friends emoji and access the corresponding meaning associated with each.
  • You can then change the default settings for each and every emoji— depending upon preferences.

snapchat trophies

As an example, if you are looking to assigned poo emoji to the Super BFF status, instead of the existing Pink hearts— the same can be done using the mentioned steps.

What Do Specific Snapchat Emojis Mean?

In the subsequent sections, we will be talking about specific Snapchat emojis which need to be decoded. However, if you are looking to use custom snapchat emojis with your snaps, our website has a wide collection to choose from.

  1. Gold Star- This emoji shows that your snaps have been replayed over a period of 24 hours.
  2. Smirking Face- You are someone’s best friend but he or she isn’t the same for you.
  3. Hundred- A text based emoji which shows up right next to the fire and shows that you and another user have been on a Snapstreak for 100 days in a row.
  4. Birthday Cake- Only shows up when a friend has a birthday and his or her Birthday Party settings is turned on.
  5. Hourglass- This emoji shows that a current Snapstreak is about to end. Send over another snap to keep the same alive.

Apart from that, we get Zodiac and trophy emojis which serve definite purposes. Sent icons are also available but they aren’t considered as specific emojis. We, however, have even covered this base for our visitors.

Bottom Line

Snapchat emojis are already embedded within the app as a part of the algorithm. However, it is exceedingly important to understand the meaning of each, before one can jump to conclusions. In addition to that, our website allows users to use custom emojis for Snapchat from an expansive array of options. That said, if you have found any emoji on our website, we will definitely add the same— at the earliest.