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Popular Facebook Emoticons

It’s hard to tell which emoticons are the best on Facebook, because everyone has their own opinion. Different people use the Facebook chat for different things, so they do not use the same emoticons. Some may use hearts to talk to their lovers, while others use only the most basic discussion emoticons, smiling faces. ayahuasca

Others like to find the coolest emoticons to use during their discussion sessions. For them, ordinary smileys are simply boring. Many unusual symbols can be used on Facebook. These people have so many options. Whatever your style of conversation, you are certain to find smileys or emoticons that you will like to use. Here is a list of the best Facebook emoticons.

Heart symbol

Of course, one of the most popular emoticons on Facebook is the heart. Indeed, Facebook is often used by people involved in a romantic way. In addition to sending the heart to their lovers, many Facebook users also send it to them when they talk about that special person to other people. That makes the heart a very popular symbol on Facebook. After all, love turns the world around.

Pacman symbol

In keeping with the 1980s theme on Facebook, let’s go back to a time when Atari was the most popular gaming system and everyone liked Pacman. This cute yellow guy may not have a lot of playing time, but it becomes a nostalgic symbol for those who grew up in the ’80s or just loved playing the game. Use the Pacman emoticon in your posts . Facebook chat is a great way to bring back old memories.

Shark symbol

The shark symbol is one of Facebook’s most popular emoticons at the moment. This is something that has recently gained popularity. Much of the style on Facebook goes back to the 80s. The shark icon has been placed in the foreground. After all, the movie Jaws was very popular at that time.

Emoticon Penguin

When you think of cute, what can beat a penguin? They are just adorable, which is probably one of the reasons why the penguin emoticon has become so popular lately. Penguins are particularly popular in winter, so you can expect to see the use of this emoticon increase during this period.

The smiley emoticon

Yes, the number one is still and will probably always be the basic smiley. It seems that everyone uses this one. People started inserting smileys into their cat shortly after their invention. It’s a good way to show your emotions when the text fails to get the message across. By reading a typed message, it is sometimes difficult to determine the atmosphere you are trying to express, especially if you are sarcastic. There are emoticons for all possible emotions, but the most popular is the basic smiley.

Smilies and emoticons allow for a more satisfying chat experience on Facebook. You can start with these five symbols and emoticons if you have never tried them before and add new ones to your directory as you wish. If you have a favorite Facebook emoticon that is not in the list, leave us a comment and let us know.