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EmojiWorks Scholarship Program: Be a Part of Our Innovative Journey

Emojis are powerful, futuristic and descriptive in their own ways. Be it addressing a situation or expressing ideas— emojis are special characters that minimize text-based inclinations. At EmojiWorks, we believe Emojis have it in them to replace a lot of metaphors, texts and anything that makes use of words and sentences. It gives us great […]

Snapchat Emojis: Here is Everything You Need to Know

Snapchat emojis hold a special significance in the life of enthusiasts. Many users must have noticed that unlike Facebook emojis which are added optionally, Snapchat emojis usually appear besides every snap which friends sent or receive. These come in the form of small emoji icons and in this post, we will be explaining what they […]

Twitter Emojis: Create and Use Custom Emojis On Demand

Twitter is best known for individuals who love sharing their ideas via tweets and direct messages. While texts really portray a lot of emotions, adding emojis to any conversation readily increases the engagement levels— associated with the same. Twitter emojis might look like a skeptical addition but they really have the power to express— sometimes […]

Emoji Keyboard For Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

An emoji keyboard is a must have for a social person. Be it working on Facebook or sending out regular tweets— emojis are the need of the hour. While twitter emojis help businesses and users with their conversations— Facebook emojis are fun to use. This is where having a virtual keyboard can come in handy. […]

Set up your Emoji Keyboard

How to set up your Emoji Keyboard Choose your Operating System.   Mac iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) Windows 10 PC


Home of the Emoji Keyboard™ seen on:  


1. When will I receive my Emoji Keyboard? Our Emoji Keyboard and Emoji Keyboard Pro are now in stock and shipping. We ship US domestic orders with 2 day delivery and will ship internationally again later in May from the US to most countries via USPS First Class International. Please subscribe to our mailing list to find out when. 2. I […]

Emoji Keyboard Setup for Windows 10 PC (Beta)

1.  First check that your Windows 10 system has the latest updates. 2.  Then download and run the Emoji Keyboard software installer below by clicking the blue computer icon and following instructions to get the software. 3.  Continue in the installer once opened. 4.  Once you have finished the install, open Settings from the Windows menu […]

Emoji Keyboard Setup for Mac

  1.  Check that your Mac OS X version of El Capitan is 10.11.1 or higher by following the screenshots below. Update your Mac if it is not before proceeding. 2.  Download the EmojiWorks Emoji Keyboard software installer for Mac below by clicking the brown box icon and following instructions to get the software. 3.  Go to your […]





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