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japnese emoticons or Kaomoji | Download copy and paste

japnese emoticons

Japan has always been famous because of their anime and cosplayers. They are also known as to create good plots with the romantic movies which are known to other Asian countries. They made the word “kawaii” well known to most people in Asia which means cute.

Japanese is one of the countries in the world that has the love for art no matter in what aspect and they want to make things pretty and cute for everyone.

It has been a trend in the Japan that gadgets are highly made with up to date technology together with their machines and infrastructures without compromising their traditions and culture as well as their history making their emoticons classic yet creative and also known for a different term which is “kaomoji” meaning facial character.

Japanese emoticons use different characters which is very unimaginable that can be used. The main goal of Japanese emoticons is to correct whatever misunderstanding that is happening in a conversations and these were created by fans of anime and manga which is a Japanese comic book well known in Japan where anime are based on is shown in television as shows.

These emoticons are more complex than the ones we are using because it can mean several things such as actions, objects, and even a whole story because of some emoticons being combined. What makes it more unusual is because japanase emoticons uses double byte sets of characters than the emoticons we normally use which is composed of single byte characters.

Japanese emoticons can be stored on systems of mobile phones which are from Japanese manufacturers or an application can also be downloaded in computers or android software of phones and some can also be created using the usual characters on the phone like open and close parenthesis or asterisks.

These emoticons have already evolved so much that it has its own categories which is positive emotions such as joy and love; negative emotions like anger or sadness; neutral emotions which may include indifference or confusion; various actions like hugging and kissing; animal characters like cat and dog and other types like food and enemies.

Each kaomoji can be integrated to a different one without changing the meaning being delivered because certain features of the face like the nose or eyes are interpreted through different characters. Definitely, there’s a variety that you can choose from and you won’t get bored using these kaomojis.

We all thought that emoticons or emojis we are using on our iphones or smart phones are just enough but you haven’t seen it all with the Japanese emoticons.

Japanese leaved up to the expectation of many when it comes to creativity and continuous cuteness not only with their trendy clothes, make-ups and also the way they celebrate Valentine’s day wherein it is the girls who have the chance to confess to their crushes but also with their text messages with the use of these Japanese emoticons.

This will interest people to download an application or to look for more kaomojis.