EmojiWorks Scholarship Program: Be a Part of Our Innovative Journey

Emojis are powerful, futuristic and descriptive in their own ways. Be it addressing a situation or expressing ideas— emojis are special characters that minimize text-based inclinations. At EmojiWorks, we believe Emojis have it in them to replace a lot of metaphors, texts and anything that makes use of words and sentences.

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we were the first ones to introduce Emoji keyboards to the world. Those keyboards garnered a lot of positive reviews— making emojis the most sought after online characters. The keyboards were technologically equipped and changed the way the world looks at funny faces and pictorial representations.

Moreover, our confidence was further bolstered by the way online media reacted to our innovation. The likes of Mashable and The Next Web featured our Emoji Keyboard as one of the highlights of the year, offering us massive recognition. Not just that, PC Mag listed the Emoji Keyboard with all the necessary details and made sure users got every information— associated with the same. Lastly, we were also vindicated by the Mac Rumors— allowing us to reach a host of Mac users.

However, innovation shouldn’t be limited to one entity and this is why we— at EmojiWorks— are looking to bring forth something more intuitive than a ‘keyboard’. It can either be based on the concepts of virtual reality or might offer something on the lines of emoji-centric qwerty keypads. The final idea needs to be zeroed in and therefore we are looking to get like-minded individuals on-board— as a part of the EmojiWorks Scholarship Program.

What are We Looking For?

At EmojiWorks, we are looking for a vision which fits our mission. This scholarship programs aims at finding the brightest of minds that can convert an underrated concept of emojis into a full-blown device— a lot better than what the Emoji Keyboard could offer.

While the Emoji Keyboard was a perfect start to the expansive adoption of these pictorial representations, we would now like to go a step further. The next innovation can be absolutely anything and via this program we would like to see what students and innovators have in mind— regarding the future of emojis.

We are looking for an idea that sets us in motion— right into this technological journey. The concept should come in the form of an essay as we need to gauge the understanding levels students have regarding emojis and their usage. The idea needs to be palatable and original. That said, any idea proposed need not come with apprehensions and skepticisms as whatever be the technological investments— our team is well-equipped towards handling the same.

In simpler terms, we are looking for an essay that summarizes how emojis need to be used in future and what gadget can be manufactured for assisting users with the same. Topic for the essay is “Future of Emojis and Real-Time Applications”. While this is the standard title, participants can tweak the same— according to the fit. Any title that aptly describes what we are looking for, will be considered.

Who All Can Apply?

Any student pursuing an under-graduate degree, graduation or post-graduation can apply for this scholarship. We aren’t too strict about the lack of scientific background but the concept needs to be believable enough— going into the future. Anybody who has used or is planning to use emojis can draft this essay provided a vision for our next gadget is included within.

Eligibility Criteria

A student should be from a recognized university and must furnish a proof of his/her educational background. This program is open to every aspirant enrolled in colleges, high schools and even universities.

Our Expectations

Frankly speaking, we are just looking for an aspirant’s love for emojis and how imaginative a mind can get regarding the applications. It is always good to make use of emojis but the real test lies in crafting a physical model that can help everybody with the usage.

At present, we are only looking for entries in English as it makes our job easier. The student need not be adept but the essay should at least be legible— allowing us to understand the vision clearly. Grammar and writing skills aren’t going to matter. Clarity would.

Lastly, the article should not be a stretch and must conclude within 600 words.

Submitting Articles

The article can be drafted and sent to us in the following ways.

  1. The participant can send a PDF or Word Document (Watermarked) to hello@emojiworks.co
  2. The entire article can be copied and pasted onto the text section of the attached Google Forms.
  3. Participants can pen down the articles online and paste the read-only link onto the Text section of the Google Forms.

The subject line for each of the mentioned ways needs to be ‘Scholarship Program’. In addition to that, a student must mention all the details as requested within the existing Google Form.


We would be selecting 5 essays out of all the entries. The best part is that there is no ambiguity regarding which position one ends at. Each of the 5 selections will be awarded $1000 and an emoji keyboard. A certificate will also be awarded.


Scaling the summit begins today and entries will be accepted till 31st of July 2017. We will not be accepting late entries, under any circumstance. Winners will get notified at their email ids by 15th of August. That said, a list will also be furnished at our website. Lastly, a written intimation and certificate of recognition will be sent over to the college— within 7 days of result declarations.

Note: Under no circumstances shall an essay be used or reused by EmojiWorks. Once the results are declared, every participant is free to use his or her essay— expect the 5 selected winners. Moreover, every entry will be acknowledged with a participation certificate.

In case of discrepancies and doubts, reach us at hello@emojiworks.co with ‘Scholarship Doubt’ as the subject line.

Best of Luck!!!