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Set up your Emoji Keyboard

How to set up your Emoji Keyboard Choose your Operating System.   Mac iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) Windows 10 PC


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1. When will I receive my Emoji Keyboard? Our Emoji Keyboard and Emoji Keyboard Pro are now in stock and shipping. We ship US domestic orders with 2 day delivery and will ship internationally again later in May from the US to most countries via USPS First Class International. Please subscribe to our mailing list to find out when. 2. I […]

Emoji Keyboard Setup for Windows 10 PC (Beta)

1.  First check that your Windows 10 system has the latest updates. 2.  Then download and run the Emoji Keyboard software installer below by clicking the blue computer icon and following instructions to get the software. 3.  Continue in the installer once opened. 4.  Once you have finished the install, open Settings from the Windows menu […]

Emoji Keyboard Setup for Mac

  1.  Check that your Mac OS X version of El Capitan is 10.11.1 or higher by following the screenshots below. Update your Mac if it is not before proceeding. 2.  Download the EmojiWorks Emoji Keyboard software installer for Mac below by clicking the brown box icon and following instructions to get the software. 3.  Go to your […]

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Emoji Keyboard Setup for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

These iOS setup instructions require an active internet connection. Either print these instructions or have them ready on a device or screen other than the iPad or iOS device you are setting up with your Emoji Keyboard. Please follow these instructions entirely in order, otherwise they will not work. 1. On your iPad or iOS device, […]





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