Twitter Emojis: Create and Use Custom Emojis On Demand

Twitter is best known for individuals who love sharing their ideas via tweets and direct messages. While texts really portray a lot of emotions, adding emojis to any conversation readily increases the engagement levels— associated with the same. Twitter emojis might look like a skeptical addition but they really have the power to express— sometimes even better than texts.

How Twitter Emojis Work?

Twitter Emojis are already paired with both smartphone and desktop version of the application. At present, Twitter offers support for more than 1100 emojis. These can be selected and added to any drafted tweet— based on preferences.

Choices galore as one can chose from a wide-selection of smileys, love symbols, food emojis, cartoons and what not. Simply click on the desired emoji and copy the same. Some users have complained of empty squares but everything gets updated once the tweet is drafted. The best part is that Twitter Emojis work on every device— regardless of size and the operating platform.

How to Create Custom Twitter Emojis?

Twitter Emojis are known to resonate well with the audience. However, it is important to understand the meaning of each symbol before adding the same to the drafted tweet. In the subsequent sections, we talk about how any person can create custom emojis and add the same to the already expansive list of Twitter symbols.

Here is a step-pronged approach for the same:

  1. Download the likes of Imojiapp and other related applications which allow user to look into the extensive list of custom emojis and add their renditions to the same. As a tip, download the same only from the likes of Google Play store or the iTunes App store.

twitter emojis

  1. Start by making an account over the same— either by linking your Facebook account or the email address.
  2. Once username and password are generated— you can think about creating an emoji of your own. Every app, regardless of the one downloaded— has a Plus sign from where images and photos can be added and saved.
  3. Once the photo or desired image is selected, crop the desired portion— preferably as an outline which makes the border of the emoji.
  1. If the selected region is finalized, click on the ‘Check’ mark to zero in on the selection.
  2. Repeat step number 3, 4 and 5 till every image you want to feature gets uploaded. One tip is to opt for an image of higher resolution as a bigger image will only shrink into a usable emoji.
  3. The cropped emoji is automatically saved in the collection and can be viewed and edited later.
  4. Once the emoji is created and saved, you can enable the same on any device by activating the emoji keyboard. For the concerned app, you must activate the keyboard associated with the same.

twitter emoticons

  1. Be it the Imojiapp keyboard or any other virtual keyboard— you can readily add the created emoji to any message or text— including the tweets.

emojis twitter

  1. You must, however, understand one thing that sending these custom emojis should always be in the form of images. Once you paste the emoji to any text message it gets transformed into a multimedia message.

However, it becomes extremely easy to use these custom options as twitter emojis— courtesy higher level of engagement on offer.

How to Use Custom Twitter Emojis without Creating One?

There are many who prefer using custom emojis created by others but hardly have the creativity to draft their own. Most of these emojis— as much as the human mind can perceive— are available on our website.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, contact us and we will surely put up the palette in a day or two.

Users who can’t wait even for a second can then download any emoji-centric app from the official stores and meander through the available list of options— based on their requirements. However, everybody looking to use emojis from any external source should understand the meaning of the same. If you are looking to include emojis with every tweet of yours— you need to get the meaning right before including.

Bigger firms like Goldman Sachs and Budweiser have strategically used emojis with their tweets in order to gather higher levels of traffic.


Twitter has been pushing the usage of Emojis on a larger scale and the existence of the expansive palette readily justifies the same. That said, many teenagers and enthusiastic users keep looking for newer characters to express themselves better.

Twitter custom emojis have therefore grown in stature and a lot of them are already available on our website. Keep scrolling through the list which is further segregated in terms of genre. To fully use the same, you need to activate the emoji keyboard, click on the select option and paste it to the desired location.