Facebook Emojis: Understand and Use Perfect Emojis for Your Posts

Facebook Emojis have been there for long but only a few users have been able to use them in a perfect manner. Facebook, despite being one of the largest networking platforms— hasn’t yet harnessed emojis in the best possible way. In this article, we will be talking about the varied aspects of Facebook Emojis— how one can use them on Facebook and what are the added metrics associated with the same.

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How Do Facebook Emojis Differ from Facebook Emoticons?

Anybody using emoticons over Facebook would understand that the former varies quite a great deal from the emojis. While emoticons describe an expression or rather an emotion— emojis are strictly picture images— meant for expressing a definite idea or rather a concept.

For example, if a happy face is an emoticon— an airplane is an emoji— expressing the act of travelling. If you all are willing to delve deeper into the basics of an emoji— it combines two words— namely e and moji which in cohesion stand for a pictograph.

What are the Categories Designated for Facebook Emojis?

It would be extremely tedious to segregate Facebook emojis in terms of categories. However, for a layman— genres like business, transportation, food, animals, emotions etc. constitute a great part of emoji selections.

Our website offers some of the most elusive emoji sets to choose from as users can search from an expansive collection of entities— including Halloween emojis, Easter emojis, Valentine emojis, speech bubbles and a lot more. The list goes on and on but we have actually covered every base for our visitors.

How to use Facebook Emojis Easily?

There is no rocket science behind using emojis on Facebook. Here is a step-pronged analysis which will help many users with the same:

  1. Head over to Settings and select ‘General Panel’
  2. Scroll down till you find the ‘Keyboard’ tab.
  3. Select Keyboard and Tap the same.

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  1. Add new keyboard to existing list of selections.
  2. Scroll down to ‘E’ section and select Emoji from the list. If the keyboard isn’t already added, download an emoji keyboard app and install the same.

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  1. Every time an emoji needs to be added, select the ‘World’ icon from the keyboard and zero in on the preferred emoji.

How to Get a Functional Emoji Keyboard for Facebook?

It is advisable to add an emoji shortcut for accessing the expansive list upon requirement. This section clearly talks about the technique associated with the same:

  1. Open Settings and Select Language Menu from Input.
  2. Select the existing Android Keyboard or even the Google Keyboard— depending upon the one being used.
  3. Click Settings and Scroll for ‘Personal Dictionary’
  4. Click on ‘+’ sign and add shortcuts whenever relevant.

What Do New Facebook Emojis Have to Offer?

Facebook emojis have evolved with time and the newest ones offer a lot more— as compared to the existing ones. Previously, hand gesture ones were pretty popular but the animated emojis have certainly surpassed their popularity. Some of the most sought after options include the laughing face emoji, beating heart emoji and the thumbs up emoji.

Where to Find Custom Facebook Emojis?

Custom Facebook Emojis are available online but a user needs to search them out. For those who prefer creating their own emojis and using the same— tools like Imojiapp can be useful. This kind of applications are found over Google Play store and even the iTunes official store— allowing enthusiasts to create their own emojis or use the customized ones.

These applications have a specialized database where users can post their search queries. Results are revealed accordingly. Certain celebrities like Kim Kardashian have launched their own lineup of emojis which can also be accessed via these emoji-centric applications.

If you have certain creative ideas in mind, you can also create your own emojis— based on the message you need to give out. Select the desired photograph and cut an outline synonymous to the length and breadth of the emoji. Saving the same in the database creates a custom emoji with you being the rightful owner.

These custom Facebook emojis are then used over Facebook— just by activating the concerned keyboard and selecting the same.

If you are looking to avoid such a complicated process, you can head over to our website for the much-anticipated emoji keyboard— which in turn stores every possible entity the human mind can imagine.


Facebook Emojis are good to use and extremely entertaining— if included properly with a post. There are Twitter and Snapchat emojis as well but Facebook offers the perfect platform for the creators to express themselves. Apart from that, certain emojis are copyrighted and need to be used with extra care.

If you are willing to use emojis with your Facebook post but finding the existing set to be monotonous, try installing an app or get yourself the virtual emoji keyboard for a thrilling and fun-filled experience.