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Emoji Keyboard Setup for Windows 10 PC (Beta)

1.  First check that your Windows 10 system has the latest updates.
2.  Then download and run the Emoji Keyboard software installer below by clicking the blue computer icon and following instructions to get the software.

3.  Continue in the installer once opened.

4.  Once you have finished the install, open Settings from the Windows menu button.

5.  Go to Time & language.

6.  Now under Region & language, click whatever your top language listed is then select Options.

7.  Add a keyboard and choose EmojiWorks US from the list.

8.  Now that the EmojiWorks US keyboard is added, we need to make it first in the list by removing any other keyboards ahead of it.

9.  Now add back the keyboard you just removed (US QWERTY in this example) so that it will now appear below EmojiWorks US.

10.  Great! Now we need to pair our Bluetooth Emoji Keyboard to your Windows system. Go to Settings then Devices.

11.  On the back of your Emoji Keyboard, slide the white power switch to On and a blue light will shine briefly on the keyboard. To pair your keyboard to your computer for the first time, press and hold the black Connect button for a couple seconds until you see the blue light flashing. Then release it.

12.  Your Emoji Keyboard will flash blue while trying to find your Windows machine to pair. Ensure Bluetooth is On and look for your Emoji Keyboard to appear in the list of devices. Once it does, select it and click Pair. If your Emoji Keyboard does not get found after 30 seconds or so, try moving your keyboard closer to your computer, switch the keyboard Off and back On and try to Connect again.

13.  Next enter the passcode on your Emoji Keyboard to complete the pairing.

14.  Verify your Emoji Keyboard is now listed as Connected.

15.  Now your Emoji Keyboard should be set up! Here’s how to use it on Windows!
  • Emoji Keyboard (base model):
    • press Emoji + key with the emoji you want to type
  • Emoji Keyboard Pro – each key can have up to 3 emojis so here’s how to type each:
    • bottom right emoji: press Emoji + key
    • top right emoji: press Emoji + Shift + key
    • bottom left emoji: press Emoji + Command + key

16.  Open an emoji supported app like Windows Mail and start typing emoji! Great job!

*Note: Emoji Keyboard (Pro) Windows 10 support is Beta only due to limited emoji support by Microsoft in the current version of Windows. Not all emoji or features may be supported and is dependent on OS and app emoji support.